Gridley Bank Building

The building at 102 North Main Street was built by General Asahel Gridley in 1854 to serve as headquarters for the McLean County Bank. The building is designed in the Italianate style, which was popular at the time.

Gridley was one of Bloomington's first citizens and the city's first millionaire. He was responsible for bringing the Illinois Central Railroad to town and also was a prominent businessman, lawyer and politician.

The building served as the McLean County Bank for many years before becoming Third National Bank in 1887 and then Illinois Savings and Trust in 1911. The top floor of the building served as the Masonic Hall from 1854 to 1867. Most recently, the building was occupied by Midwest Title & Trust.

The building fell into disrepair and barely escaped demolition in 1989. Local residents Doug and Maggie Williams stepped in and updated the interior and restored the exterior to its original appearance in 1994. The Dorris Law Firm, P.C. purchased the building in 2009 and continues to restore the interior to its former glory. 

The Gridley Bank Building as it appeared in the 1880s.

Interior of the Gridley Bank Building showing the teller.